#IOT360: ideas and reflections from the Summit on the Internet of Things in Rome

On 28 and 29 October the Frentani Convention Center, Rome, hosted the IOT360 Summit, a meeting point for experts from around the world to share knowledge and discuss projects in the realm of the Internet of Things. Organized by the EAI in collaboration with Franhofer Fokus, La Sapienza University of Rome, INSME Consortium, Smart Week, and TechEconomy and sponsored by IBM, Eurotech, and CREATE-NET, the Summit was one of the major international events on IoT.

The Summit speaker list included such well-known names as Usman Haque (Founding Partner of Umbrellium & Thingful.net), Mischa Dohler (Professor of Wireless Communications at King’s College London), Jan Farjh (Vice President, Head of Standardization and industry at Ericsson), Michela Magas (Founder of Music Tech Fest), Roberto Minerva (Head of Innovative Architectures within the Future Centre in the Strategy Department of Telecom Italia), Kang-Won Lee (Senior Vice President of R&D for Information and Communication Technology, SK Telecom), Maurizio Decina (Emeritus Professor at Politecnico di Milano) and many others.

The Pesident of EAI, Imrich Chlamtac said on the sidelines of the event: “I am very happy to have had the opportunity to hold the IOT360 summit in Rome. By bringing together representatives of businesses and hundreds of universities representing various theories and perspectives, we show how ideas can be moved from classrooms to laboratories. We are planning to hold another IOT360 next year and to involve our partners and EAI in the preparation of the event on a larger scale in order to demonstrate the innovation potential of the event.”

The Summit highlights

From the academic point of view one of the fiercest debates focused on the definition of IoT. Mischa Dohler played with participants’ imagination to explain the definition of IoT: “Close your eyes and think of the Internet; now think of the Internet of Things; do you imagine different things?” This meant that in fact, the field of IoT is not bounded by a rigid fence, and all of its sophisticated definitions fade due to the evolution of the Internet and web devices.

Jan Farjh, in the introductory keynote, illustrated the progresses Ericsson is making in creating the US technological infrastructure in order to allow maturation and germination of IoT technologies. Similarly, Roberto Minerva has shown the systems that Telecom Italia is going to implement from the technological point of view. Minerva went further by asking the public some important questions by referring to the recent controversies over privacy such as: “Who owns the produced data?”. Alas, no one could respond to the question.

With regard to the legal point of view, the antitrust case involving EU with Samsung and Apple was a topic for discussions. Furthermore, participants discussed how to monetize patents for IoT inventions as well as the implementation process of smart city technologies.

In conclusion, the IOT360 Summit was an opportunity to reflect on where the world is going in terms of innovation linked with the IoT.  The Summit was a new starting point from which to head into the IoT future, and it will certainly be interesting to compare the real progress that will be made from now until the next edition of the Summit.

Source: http://www.techeconomy.it/2014/11/03/iot360-spunti-riflessioni-dal-summit-sullinternet-of-things-roma/