Daniele Miorandi: "Technology no longer exists in isolation"

Dr. Daniele Miorandi is the head of the iNSPIRE (Smart ICT for Socio-Technical Systems) team at CREATE-NET. His research interests include bio-inspired approaches to networking and service provisioning in large-scale computing systems, modeling and performance evaluation of large-scale stochastic networks, big data approaches for smart energy systems. Dr. Miorandi is a co-author of over 100 papers in internationally refereed journals and conferences, and has been cited more than 1700 times. Dr. Miorandi is a co-founder of VALUETOOLS conferences, which since 2006 have been focusing on methodologies and practices in modeling, performance evaluation and optimization of complex systems.

In his interview with EAI, Dr. Miorandi explains the rationale behind VALUETOOLS conferences, multidisciplinary approach to the research on the performance evaluation of complex systems as well as the latest achievements and challenges in the field. According to Dr. Miorandi, as technology life-cycle is getting shorter, specific attention needs to be paid by academicians and practitioners to the realm of ICT. This attention must necessarily be multidisciplinary: technology no longer exists in isolation.