A new challenging year

A year of new challenges and new appointments with innovation has just begun. EAI starts 2015 with enthusiasm and commitment to its core values: to promote ICT innovation through its community, identifying, recognizing and promoting innovative ideas through its international conferences, summits, publication, and innovation tools. To bring science technology and innovation together on EAI’s worldwide network of professionals.

EAI has reached today’s level of quality and significance thanks to all of your precious contributions and through collaboration among members and institutions that make part of the Alliance. EAI commits to continue building the network, supporting its members and providing opportunities for growth and success in technology and innovation in the coming year, to enlarge our ICT Community and increase cooperation opportunities.

We are glad to continue building our EAI Community of ICT researchers and innovators with all of You,

Prof. Imrich Chlamtac, EAI President.