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Weekly recap

Through its pletora of research and innovation activities EAI continues to pursue objectives to meet the needs of its community, to support personal and professional development, to convert research into market value. This year we will be collecting feedbacks and member expectations from the upcoming 2015 editions of our conferences and summits and introducing current EAI tools in support of project and business acceleration for pioneering a bridge between ICT research and industry.

 Following the success of IoT360 summit in Rome a new 2015 edition is getting under way. As pointed out by Dr. Spindler interviewed last week, the role of the IoT in the  delivery of smart energy solutions will remain one of the challenges to be explored and implemented in 2015. With aging population and evolution of personalized ICT technologies E-health and well being will be another pillar of EAI focus. Complemented by Smart Cities and E-Mobility events EAI will, in 2015, cover the major challenges and opportunities facing ICT.

Besides our interest for forthcoming activities, EAI will keep on being committed to deliver daily news and experts’opinions about all topics that are relevant to our community. For this reason over the past weeks we focused on cutting-edge technology solutions thanks to  the contribution of Prof. Satyanarayanan. He highlighted the role of cloudlets and the importance of the convergence between mobile computing and cloud computing. Three valuable advices for start-ups came from Dr. Kladny, speaker at our IOT360 Summit and with Dr. Zhang we analyzed the improvements reached by the last edition of CLOUDCOMP.

We also talked about a new study to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, proposed by researchers from the University of Padova and presented at Mobiquitous. Finally, we discussed wireless BAN systems through a study presented at Bodynets 2014.

Prof. Imrich Chlamtac, EAI President

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