The latest issue of I am INNOVATOR is available

The latest issue of  I am Innovator  magazine is available for download. The magazine explores innovative ICT perspectives and gives all our community members the opportunity to stay-up-to on the last achievements in the field.

IT systems and cloud service market are day by day becoming more complex because of the huge number of developments and changes in ICT world. Businesses rewritten by software, generalized virtualization and cloudification to reduce costs and increase competitive advantage as well as interlinked systems of devices in IoT, make this complexity continuously grow.

Companies need to explore a new approach of communication and collaboration to deal with the deployment of new interlinked sophisticated systems and a new standard of expertise  is required by the industry.

Besides, software companies need to find new strategies to overcome drawbacks that have been traditionally associated to cloud computing such as the risk of vendor lock-in, the potential lack of availability, lack of compliance with legislation because of the placement of data in foreign servers or the lack of control in terms of security and so on.

This issue of I AM INNOVATOR explores solutions in multi-cloud environments as challenges to be faced by companies.

Free download of the issue is available here.