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Weekly recap

Over the last week we have focused on some of the most relevant topics for all our Community. We have addressed issues connected to the Internet of Things, always a central topic for both industry and academia, with the contribution of Dr. Shmuel Ur, speaker at our IoT360 Summit last October. With Dr. Ur we talked about increasing interactions and global networks for entrepreneurs and researchers and also about the relevance of experimentation in the IoT context.

The importance to connect people and share knowledge was also a key topic of our interview with Maliha U. Jada, co-author of A traffic Aware Energy Saving Scheme for Multicarrier HSPA +, ‘Best Paper’ at MONAMI 2014: “it is very important that industry and academia work in parallel and share the knowledge with effective collaboration so that the desired goal can be achieved in time”.

We also have highlighted the primary role of mobile applications in providing healthcare professionals with support in optimizing their workflow through a study presented at MobiHealth 2014. Finally we have discussed how to help citizens engage with the urban space through wearable technologies thanks to a study presented at UrbIoT 2014.

Finally, we have presented the latest issue of I am INNOVATOR. Our magazine explores innovative ICT perspectives and gives all our community members the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest achievements in the field.

People, innovation, research and knowledge: every day we build together the EAI Community.

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