Dr. Youn, CloudComp 2015: Connecting researchers and industry practitioners

Dr. Chan-Hyun Youn is the director of the Grid Middleware Research Center, and a professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at KAIST in South Korea. His research is focused on the development of technologies in mobile cloud, mobile collaboration systems, internet computing workflow management, distributed network architecture, communication middleware, advanced e-healthcare systems, e-health application services, and related fields. Currently, he is serving as Editor-in-Chief in KIPS (Korea Information Processing Society), and as the Editor of the Journal of Healthcare Engineering. He is also the General Chair of CloudComp 2015, the 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing that will take place in South Korea later this year. We talked to him about the conference, the future of the field, and how the two are related.

Prof. Chan-Hyun Youn, General Chair of CloudComp 2015
Prof. Chan-Hyun Youn, General Chair of CloudComp 2015

How does CloudComp help researchers and industry practitioners connect?

It’s a very important question. We know a lot of conferences intend to bring together researchers, developers, and industry professionals to discuss various fields of IoT in clouds, web of objects, and related areas.  Since the aforementioned technologies are becoming more popular in our everyday life, we invite institutions for technical demonstrations and exhibitions during the conference.

What will the main topics discussed at CloudComp 2015 be?

I think that the main topics discussed at the conference will be cloud-based IoT, WoT, and efficient virtual machine management in clouds.

What do you, personally, consider the most exciting research questions for the future of cloud computing?

Personally, I find the question of the evolution of future computing platforms for the operation of next-generation vehicles, such as unmanned vehicles, robots, and D2D interactions in cloud, the most exciting.