Human-Computer Interaction for Entertainment at INTETAIN 2015!

The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2015) is to take place in Torino, Italy on June 10-12. This seventh edition will address all the issues concerning relationships between human-computer interaction and entertainment. It will explore and discuss innovative studies, technologies and applications aimed to propose new interface paradigms.

For the seventh time, INTETAIN proposes multidisciplinary collaborations and focuses on broad challenges faced in using innovative and interactive technologies/tools for entertainment contents. ‘The next edition of INTETAIN will bring together scientists, practitioners, professionals and students to share experiences and ideas about new HCI forms and interaction paradigms for entertainment.’ – confirmed the General Chair, Prof. Andrea Sanna, during his interview with EAI.

Why to attend the conference? It is easy to say! INTETAIN 2015 is a high-level conference that permits a creative knowledge and expertise sharing from various points of view. On this topic, Prof. Sanna remarks that ‘INTETAIN 2015 is an important opportunity for humanists and scientists to meet and collaborate. Moreover, artists are also welcome to join the INTETAIN community, as their inspiration can feed designers and developers creativity’.

Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in special sessions, demos and exhibits as well as to join the ‘Understanding the video game industry’ workshophaving the opportunity to try to make a concept of a video game.

Are you into Human-Computer Interaction for Entertainment? Don’t loose this great opportunity to discuss HCI related issues with top international experts within the field, such as the two keynote speakers Ming C. Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Tsinghua University) and Anthony L. Brooks (aka Tony), University of Aalborg, Esbjerg.

Find more info about the conference here.