Weekly recap

EAI continues to pursue objectives to share the latest on research and innovation and discuss ICT key topics with our community. We discussed innovative IoT related issues with Dr. Benjamin Mandler, Research Staff Member at the Distributed Middleware group at the Haifa Research Lab, IBM Research and Project and Technical Coordinator of the EU funded project COMPOSE. The ‘everything as a service’ approach for IoT applications has been explained by Dr. Mandler, in quality of General Chair of General Chair of IoTass 2015,  one of the co-located conferences with EAI’s IOT360 Summit.

We are pleased to share with you the recording of the INNOVER-EAST Webinar on Energy Efficient Data Centers, organized by CREATE-NET and EAI on April 20, 2015. The goal of the event was to open up new capacities for providing the innovation services in the Eastern Partnership Countries and to assist both researchers and business practitioners in improving their performance to manage the transfer of knowledge on energy efficient data centers from academy to industry and market.

Furthermore, the ‘Insights’ session hosts another interesting contribution by Prof. Carlos Vaz de Carvalho on an attentive evaluation on Serious Games. We summarized a paper presented at CollaborateCom 2014 on a new app to reintegrate veterans after war scenarios.

Last but not least we summed up the 10th edition of Crowncom 2015, which has successfully ended in Doha last week!

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