The fourth EAI Endorsed Transaction on Ubiquitous Environments is out!

The EAI Transactions on Ubiquitous Environments provides a venue for publishing the latest research and developments in the area of ubiquitous environments, including Ubiquitous Environments Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Operating Systems and Programming Environments for Smart Mobile Devices, Embedded Systems and Networking Support for Ubiquitous Environments, Middleware, Security and Privacy Support for Ubiquitous Environments, and Hardware/Software Co-design principles.

The fourth issue of the journal is now available, for free, through EUDL.

In particular, the journal deals with contributions in the topics of smart spaces with ambient intelligence where sensors in the environment help a system to appropriately react to people, context-aware pervasive computing systems where the current context enables the system to guide the user’s tasks, home area networking systems that can intelligently monitor, track and control a home’s environment and vehicular sensor networks, where a collection of sensors monitor and control the vehicle’s well-being.

The journal welcomes contributions that deal within these scopes. Make sure to submit your research.

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