SIMUTools 2015: an exciting forum for interaction!

Two months until SIMUTools 2015! The 8th International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques will take place in Athens, Greece on August 24–26, 2015.

SIMUTools 2015 focuses on a broad range of research challenges in the field of simulation, modelling and analysis, addressing current and future trends in simulation techniques, models, practices and software. This year’s edition is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary collaborative research in these areas and across a wide spectrum of application domains. Built on the success of the previous seven editions (2008-2014), 2015 edition will provide an exciting forum for interaction among academic and industry researchers together with practitioners from both the simulation community and the different user communities.

This editions’ general topics of interest include:

  • Simulation methods: discrete event, parallel and distributed simulation, time synchronization, load balancing and migration, model partitioning, hybrid simulation, simulation-interoperation, multi-resolution and multi-scale simulation;
  • Simulation techniques: service-oriented, agent-based, web-based, component-based, symbiotic simulation;
  • Simulation software: environments, tools, libraries, and frameworks;
  • Simulation performance: GPU-based simulation, simulation in the cloud, scalability, performance analysis;
  • Modeling formalisms: DEVS, Petri Nets, process algebras, state charts, and others;
  • Simulation verification, validation, accreditation, and analysis: benchmark models, simulation-based verification, workflows, simulation experiment design, and optimization;
  • Simulation packages: widely used frameworks such as Modelica, ns-2/3, OPNET, Qualnet, OMNET++, and other open source software for modeling and simulation.

SIMUTools 2015 will also present two workshops: the Workshop on Energy­-aware Simulation (ENERGY-SIM) and the Workshop on VRtools for Education/Training (VRtoolsEd 2015).

Furthermore, SIMUTools 2015 will host, as keynote speakers, some of the most distinguished experts in the field such as: Dr. Pat O’Sullivan (IBM Senior Technical Staff Member) and Dr. Frederica Darema (Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFOSR).

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