Weekly recap

Follow the most innovative researchers with EAI! This week Prof. Peppino Fazio, General Chair at eCARS 2015, talked to us about new progresses in Sustainable Transportation, Electric-Vehicles and EU Energy Policy; in addition, he also explained us the importance of SmartCity360 Summit for the research community.

Moreover, always keeping the focus on papers and ICT research, Otto Borchert, author of the Best Paper Award at eLEOT 2014, introduced us CIRCLE, a new application, which offers a fresh technological perspective on “old processes” in teaching. We also presented the second Best Paper Award from INISCom 2015 in which, a group of researchers elaborated a study concerning a new vehicle-to-grid (V2G) network for energy transfer.

The delicate interconnection which exist between research and market in IoT has been discussed with Prof. Claudio Carnevali, keynote speaker at IOT360 Summit, who asserts “the Summit can lead European funds to drive those money into real projects are involving companies and researchers”.

Last but not least, make sure not to miss the second issue of the EAI Endorsed Transactions on Future Intelligent Educational Environments and the new Insight in the ‘Serious Games’ section, written by Dr. Andreea Molnar.

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