Acceleration programs for 35 FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects

EAI360 online platform hosts 35 FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects, providing them with an online workspace for their projects as well as access to set of business support services. The platform is designed so that each hosted project has a public project showcase profile page and each user has a public profile page. Each project has a private workspace page where FI-ADOPT participants can add besides initial set of free services also other free and paid services provided by EAI360 and its partners. EAI360 will also serve as the platform for administration of 14 weeks (of) Acceleration programs which we are committed to provide for FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects this year from September to December.

EAI has already successfully hosted a 4 weeks Idea Incubation training, which started 20 May 2015 with the attendance of ten projects from the first and second calls.  This program was focused on projects at an early stage that still needed to better shape their idea and make sure that the time and money invested in this idea would be used efficiently. From business side, it also aimed to help participating projects to design business model for their idea and assess its potential by validating initial assumptions about their market, especially customers with their needs.

This program was also significantly supported by ATOS, which took care of technical training and mentoring related to the adoption of FI-WARE technologies. Lighting Beetle, user experience design company from Slovakia, supplemented technical part of the program with a webinar on how to start building the right user experience which got very positive feedback from ventures involved in the program.