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Mobicase 2015 calls for posters!

MobiCASE 2015, the 7th EAI International Conference on Mobility Computing, Applications and Services is going to take place Berlin, Germany on 12-13 November, 2015

The conference is a premier scientific forum that brings together academic researchers and industrial professionals to advance research in the area of Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services.

The MobiCASE 2015 Poster and Demo Track showcases work in progress and research in a more informal setting. Similar to the main MobiCASE 2015 conference, the Posters and Demos Track aims to be a forum for practitioners and researchers from diverse backgrounds to interact and exchange preliminary results about the design and implementation of mobile and ubiquitous systems.

Topics of interest include:

  • Mobile Advertising, Local Search and the recommendation of goods/services;
  • Energy Efficiency – generalizable approaches for coping with battery limits;
  • Mobile Payments – NFC-based services and other emerging technologies;
  • User Interfaces and Interaction Technologies for Mobiles – voice, eyes, gestures and more;
  • Mobile Sensing – including specific domains such as, mHealth, in addition to core techniques;
  • Wearable platforms and Smartphones – such as, prototype hardware (sensing modalities etc.);
  • Collaborative/Multi-Device Sensing – novel applications, platforms, and core technologies;
  • Participatory and Opportunistic Sensing – applications, platforms, theories;
  • Mobile development tools and testing methodologies – including also malware identification;
  • App Distribution Channels and Stores – taking the next steps in the evolution of app stores;
  • Location-based Social Networks and Media – considering both studies of existing systems (e.g., WeChat) or new novel systems;
  • Mobile Cloud Computing and Mobile Web support – such as personal clouds, and proposed new standards;
  • Computational Privacy — protection against privacy violations and identifying new types of attacks for mobile sensing;
  • Mobile Security – innovative novel security solutions for mobile devices;
  • Mobile Cloud Computing and Big Data – platforms, technologies, novel applications, and core algorithms for mobile big data and cloud;
  • Mobile crowdsourcing — platforms, novel applications, incentive mechanisms.

Important Dates

Poster Papers Submission Deadline: 18 October, 2015
Acceptance Notification Deadline: 23 October, 2015
Camera-Ready Deadline: 30 October, 2015
If you want to know more about the conference, visit the official website.

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