Jorge Sá Silva: Mobiquitous, an excellent conference!

Mobiquitous 2015 took successfully place last July in Coimbra, Portugal. One month before the conference, we had the pleasure to interview the General Chair Jorge Sá Silva about his expectations from the upcoming event. Getting ready for Mobiquitous 2016, we met Prof. Silva again after the event to pick up the results and consider some future evolution in the field of the mobile and ubiquitous systems.

As General Co-Chair of MOBIQUITOUS 2015, would you sum up for us the main topics of the conference?

I think Mobiquitous 2015 was an excellent conference with very actual topics in the field of mobile computing, new Internet systems, Internet of Things, privacy, algorithms and new protocols. The keynote speech was very good, the papers were very interesting and we had two very good workshops.

Prof. Jorge Sá Silva, General Chair at Mobiquitous 2015
Prof. Jorge Sá Silva, General Chair at Mobiquitous 2015

What is the weight of scientific journals, such as the EAI Transactions on Ubiquitous Environments, in promoting the latest results in the field of new technologies?

It is amazing to think how far technology and Internet have come in last few years. According to the quality of the papers that we received in this conference, I believe these journals can offer papers with a high scientific quality.

Twelve years since the first edition of Mobiquitous. What can we expect from the IoT and Ubiquitous Computing areas in the next ten years?

It is difficult to tell how the future will be. But for sure a lot of new devices, new Internet programs and systems will appear with new computing requirements like mobility, reliability and privacy. It will be also important to know how the Future Internet can contribute to the social wellbeing of citizens.