BICT 2015 Best Paper Awards: The best and the brightest introduce their research in bio-inspired ICT

The world’s top researchers and Best Paper Awards at BICT 2015 introduce their research in bio-inspired ICT and illustrate the challenges this research field is facing while developing a new variety of engineered systems.

Dr. Amanda Prorok (University of Pennsylvania) and Prof. M. Ani Hsieh (Drexel University) explain how heterogeneous engineered systems perform much better than the homogeneous ones, as it happens successfully in biological systems. In their research, they designed a method that distributes a heterogeneous swarm of robots among a set of tasks, addressing the fundamental topic of heterogeneity and diversity in engineered systems.

Prof. Bud Mishra (New York University) shows in a documentary about Identity Management System how five researchers, scientists and mathematicians studied the behavior of Ants and Game Theory to create a safer Internet.

Tomohiro Nakao (Osaka University) describes how the sudden increase in the number and variety of Internet users has caused a rapid and extensive traffic variation that has revealed the necessity of new routing protocols that can adapt, using autonomous and distributed approaches, including bio-inspired approaches.

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