Voices from the PervasiveHealth Community

Almost a year has passed since PervasiveHealth 2015, the Ninth International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare held last May in Istanbul. It is revealing to check the advances in the research area of digital health, by following the pathway that brought the conference so far and through the voices of the participants in the last edition.

Waiting for PervasiveHealth 2016 being held on May 16-19, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico, EAI met and interviewed Oliver Amft, Oscar Mayora, Paul Lukowicz and Rosa Arriaga.

‘I invite you for the next tenth year in PervasiveHealth 2016’

Prof. Oscar Mayora from Create-Net, is an active member of the Steering Committee of PervasiveHealth since its first edition in 2006. He talked to us about the changes occurred in the field of pervasive health during the last decade.

‘A place to submit and publish results in healthcare’

Prof. Paul Lukowicz, from Kaiserslautern University of Technology in Germany, participated in PervasiveHealth 2015 with a keynote speech on ‘Sensing trends for pervasive healthcare’. He shared with us his opinion about the weight of the conference as a player into the scientific community interested in healthcare.

‘It’s a community where you can really get feedback!’

Dr. Rosa Arriaga, from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), presented a paper about behavioral support systems for individuals with autism. As an enthusiastic attendee at PervasiveHealth 2015, she gives us an idea of the advantages that a researcher can expect from taking part in the conference.

‘We have to go still quite a way’

Prof. Oliver Amft, Chair of Sensor Technology and the ACTLab research group at University of Passau, was a keynote speaker at PervasiveHealth 2015 and talked about ‘What smart eyeglasses and other wearables will soon know about our body’. He explained how long a way away we are from reaching the full potential of cutting-edge technology for healthcare.

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