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Participate in Intetain 2016!

The 8th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (Intetain 2016) will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands on June 28-30, 2016.

The objective of Intetain 2016 is to attract state-of-art contributions that address the broad challenges faced in the development and use of interactive technologies to create entertainment content.

The Conference is also proud to have Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André (Professor at Augsburg University, Germany), Prof. Mark Riedl (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) and Job, Joris and Marieke (trio of creative people and Oscar nominees in 2015) as keynote speakers.

Furthermore, Intetain 2016 will host the workshopPlayable Cities: the city as a digital playground“, which is meant to explore the use of sensors and actuators for entertaining interactions and activities in urban environments and the Virtual Agents for Social Skills Training (VASST) Workshop, aiming at giving an overview of recent developments of interactive virtual agent applications that are intended for training the social skills of the user.

To know more about the topics that will be presented at Intetain 2016, see the accepted papers and the Conference Program!

For further information about the Conference, visit the official website.

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