ReAnima will try to restore brain function of the dead

Research in medical science often comes to certain ethical barriers. Especially today, when a lot of research is done around the very origin of a human being. On the other hand, there are companies like Bioquark, interested in the final moments of human life. Bioquark’s project named ReAnima has recently been granted an approval from Institutional Review Board in the US to conduct its first trial. Its name – Non-randomized, open-labeled, interventional, single group, proof of concept study with multi-modality approach in cases of brain death due to traumatic brain injury having diffuse axonal injury. Its aim – to test if it is possible to reverse brain death.

Each year, for over 60 million people, brain death is the final state from which they never recover. Concept studies have shown that it should be possible to alter this state via medical intervention. ReAnima’s first trial will be carried out in India, on 20 subjects in the state of brain death. Already pronounced dead, as the brain ceased to function irreparably, the subjects’ other bodily functions will be kept operating via life support. A combination of approaches will be applied, varying from stem cell injections, peptides cocktails, lasers and other nerve stimulation techniques. The task of these is to restart the normal, or even limited, function of the brain. Dr. Sergei Paylian, Founder, President, and Chief Science Officer of Bioquark Inc.:

Dr. Sergei Paylian

“Through our study, we will gain unique insights into the state of human brain death, which will have important connections to future therapeutic development for other severe disorders of consciousness, such as coma, and the vegetative and minimally conscious states, as well as a range of degenerative CNS conditions, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.”

Exploration in this field was largely fueled by observing the capacity of amphibians, planarians, and certain fish, which can rebuild large parts of their brain after suffering a brain injury. This study will be the first of its kind, so it is necessary to mention its importance even now, when it did not yet produce any results. ReAnima is still looking for its subjects, but it also has plans for further research. At least five more projects are planned by the company, however, details of these remain unknown.

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