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Will the trial derail Hyperloop One?

Coming in hot into the 2nd episode to this “What’s Happening with the Loop?” series with a news update on Hyperloop One’s legal situation. A few facts are essential to know moving forward.
The defendants include three of the co-founders for this corporation – Shervin Pishevar, Joe Lonsdale, Robert Lloyd –  who are all distinguished figures with considerable backing in the tech industry. On the other side of the court sits the co-founder and former CTO for the same company, Kevin Brogan (A.K.A. Brogan BamBrogan), now alleging the defendants’ breaches of fiduciary duty and mistreatment of employees and more.
As reported by Recode, in a letter  sent via e-mail to the CEO’s, a group of senior employees detailing:

“…the disproportionate influence that the current ownership structure provides to [Shervin and Joe], especially in light of how they have used that influence, represents a threat to the success of this great company. We feel compelled to act in an effort to protect the best interests of the team, the company and the shareholders.”

According to the case files, BamBrogan seeks just compensation for those who are the brains behind the project in accordance with the current allowance for the VC’s of Hyperloop One. BamBrogan often is depicted as being quite the character, so I suggest you keep posted as the drama ensues into an original telenovela series featured within the tech industry network… 
However, Hyperloop One, evidently unfazed by these allegations, recently claimed the “world’s first Hyperloop factory is open for business” as a sign of a promising future.

“Having a world-class machine shop allows us to move more of our production and manufacturing R&D in-house so we can learn at maximum speed how to drive down the cost of delivering Hyperloop One technology.”

Source: Hyperloop One

Located in the uninhabited northern part of Nevada, Hyperloop One Metalworks may appear to be an ordinary plant-structure from distance but a closer look will testament the flowering of what may be our future mode of transportation. The benefits of an in-house production site, specifically crucial for this project, include increased flexibility, freedom, and quality customization.

Hyperloop One project should create an influx of manufacturing jobs and more so that these employees have an experience of 21st century innovation first-hand. For example, take a look at this video showing off some of the cool technology operating within the factory on a daily basis.  
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