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Dubai joins in on the Hyperloop Challenge

The time has come for Hyperloop One to enter into the Dubai territory. As Hyperloop One seeks new collaborations with cities and corporations in order to accelerate the process of bringing their idea to the market, it comes as no surprise to see the lucrative city of Dubai increasing involvement. Specifically, according to Business Insider reports, the Dubai-based and trading focused organization by the name of DP World entails the latest partnership with Hyperloop One.
DP World’s global presence is noteworthy – their marine ports and terminals are located across the most valuable trading regions, including but not limited to, Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe and Russia. One of the integral parts of their business includes the handling of containers. This is where Hyperloop One steps in.

“By eliminating the barriers of time and distance, we believe we can increase the volume of freight DP World moves through the port using a Hyperloop to a new inland depot, which supports more revenue and profit for all stakeholders,” said Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop One’s CEO, in a press statement. “A Hyperloop system fits very seamlessly with existing transportation corridors, minimizing any impact on urban Dubai and reducing freeway congestion and emissions”

A rendering of a Hyperloop tube within Dubai’s port infrastructure (Image source: Hyperloop One)

Partnering with such an extensive corporation, Hyperloop One may pave its way into new high-growth markets on a macroscopic level. The future of transportation, in congruence with smart cities and alternative energy sources, is a fruitful market in itself. Bravo to Hyperloop One who thought outside the box as they attempt to incorporate underwater transportation with their existing innovative challenges.
The aims of such explorations in the innovative sector is detailed by the Managing Director of Dubai Future Foundation, Mohammed Al Gergawi:

“This [collaboration] will eventually lead to massive global economic growth, and we aim to keep pace with the rapid developments by focusing on smart application of services and innovation in all fields”

Collaborative design event, Build Earth Live issued a challenge to the research community that is to help “shape the future of the Hyperloop.” This contest supplies a platform where researchers may submit their proposals through the cloud during a 48 hour period, all the while community visitors are encouraged to participate. Guess where the newest contest will be hosted? Dubai.

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