IAM Innovator magazine Issue #4 is out!

The latest issue of the IAM Innovator Magazine, dedicated to highlights from the EAI Community in 2016 so far, is now available for download!
Transportation is changing before our very eyes with electric cars, autonomous driving systems and the revolutionary Hyperloop. 5G is about to usher us in the new age of internet, while AI, machine learning and robotics are pulling the strings of progress. And it all converges in a market where some worry about their job security, while others are already knee-deep in the sharing economy. Winds of change are blowing and the world is waiting for the next Henry Ford to
announce a three-day weekend. But it is important to remember the incremental nature of evolution, and the individuals who are at the helm of this age of innovation. Neither smart and secure networking, nor intuitive human-computer interaction, or a successful business venture happen overnight. We are happy to honor these individuals and their crucial incremental contributions in this issue of IAM Innovator magazine.
We hope you enjoy it!

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