New issue of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent systems is out!

The EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems provide a common forum to publish high quality papers, and to offer readers a single source to get inspiring ideas and important findings in this area. It is our honor to present the tenth issue of dedicated transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems.
The fast development of information technologies (e.g., ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, semantic web, big data and cyber-physical system) as well as all kinds of communication technologies (e.g., control network, communication network, sensor network, body area network, social network, opportunistic network, cloud-based network, etc.) has recently emerged and has been applied in various industries, ranging from traditional ones like textile industry, coal industry, mining industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, to newer and broader-sense ones like biomedical industry, aviation industry, software industry, service industry, etc.
Assisted by various information and communication technologies, automation in industries can reduce costs and increase reliability because of enhanced control, integration, and optimization of goods production and service delivery. However, the industrial environment features extreme temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and vibration. Furthermore, the globalized economic environment is equally dynamic and harsh, which poses extra constraints to management and planning. Such constraints call for the criticality of the design, analysis, and implementation of intelligent systems and networks to satisfy the requirements of various stakeholders with an interdisciplinary approach.
The 10th issue of the journal is now available for free via EUDL with topics ranging from Cyber attacks on industrial systems, Mobile cloud computing, Multi-agent based synchronization methods, and more.
If your research meets the topics of the journal, do not hesitate to submit it.

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