Get involved, earn credits, and get recognized in the EAI Community

We are happy to welcome you in 2021. We hope that this year will bring even more innovative ideas and remarkable researchers who will strengthen this community.

Last year, we were delighted to present 227 Fellows, 434 Distinguished Members and 2 302 Senior Members, who had been nominated based on their credits obtained in 2019. Currently, the credits collected in 2020 are being reviewed and tallied  as we prepare to announce the class of 2021.

As the New Year started, we begin a new year-long round of collecting credits. In this article, we are happy to bring you a full overview of roles and activities in EAI that will help you earn credits toward your EAI Index.

Build your career

EAI offers various ways for you to grow professionally. You can submit and present your research, review other papers, organize a conference or a workshop, or become a part of an editorial board. All that remains is to pick what works best for you.

Submit a paper and get published

As a submitting author, 2021 will offer several dozen EAI conferences and 17 open access journals spanning topics such as eHealth, Networks & Communication, Intelligent Systems, IoT, Smart Cities, Arts & Education, Developing Communities, and Systems & Security. These research venues provide indexing services by Ei Compendex, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, and many more, ensuring that you will find one that is right for you and your work. All EAI conferences and journals guarantee fair and objective evaluation thanks to Community Review, which directly impacts the amounts of credits you gain for your submissions.

EAI Index – Credits for Authors (Conferences & Journals)

All valid papers undergo a review process during which Reviewers assess their quality. Reviewers grade submissions on a 5-point scale, where 5 is the best and 1 is the worst. Base credits are awarded to all co-authors of a submission based on the key on the right-hand side.

Furthermore, all papers that get accepted have their base credits doubled. Lastly, those papers that receive the highest review score out of all the reviewed papers submitted to that venue, have their base credits quadrupled.   This rewards the top-quality work while ensuring that even rejected papers receive their due appreciation.

Bid to Review

Give back to the community by helping out with review in conferences and journals and earn more credits in the process.  By taking part in EAI Community Review, you get to stay up to date on the most recent developments in your field of expertise, while contributing to a revolution in peer review assignment that puts equal opportunity and quality front and center. Learn everything there is to know about Community Review here.

EAI Index – Credits for Reviewers

All Reviewers are evaluated by the Program Committee Member or the Handling Editor in charge of each respective article. They evaluate each delivered review on the basis of its quality, completeness and timeliness on a 5-point scale. Credits are then awarded to Reviewers based on the key on the right-hand side.

In addition to rewarding the Reviewers for their effort, this system contributes to a cumulative record of high-quality reviewers, further informing the responsible TPC Members and Handling Editors, as well as improving the quality of future review processes.

Get involved in EAI Endorsed Transactions

There are several ways to get involved.

Editors-in-Chief, Special Issue Editors, and Handling Editors are all eligible for EAI Index credits, which are awarded automatically based on the results of their Journal. If you wish to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out to our Publications team.

EAI Index – Journals
Editors-in-ChiefSpecial Issue EditorsHandling Editors
Credits awarded are the sum of all review scores of all valid articles submitted to their journal.Credits awarded are the sum of all review scores of all valid articles submitted to their special issue.Credits awarded are the sum of all review scores of all their handled valid articles.

Get involved in EAI Conferences

Roles eligible to receive EAI Index credits in conferences include General Chairs and Co-Chairs, Program Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs, Track Chairs, and Program Committee Members. Their credits are awarded on the basis of size of the outreach and the quality of research that the committee managed to attract to their conference.

EAI Index – Conferences
General Chairs Track Chairs
Credits awarded are the sum of all
review scores of all valid articles that were submitted to their conference.
Credits awarded are the sum of all
review scores of all valid articles that were submitted to their track.
Program Committee ChairsProgram Committee Members
Credits awarded are the sum of all review
scores of all articles that were accepted to their conference.
Credits awarded are the sum
of all review scores of all articles
they handled.

Get the recognition you deserve

What it all comes down to is the reward for the effort you have been putting in all year. The final EAI Index values of all EAI Members are calculated at the end of each 12-month period, comprising of two weighed components: 80% Technical qualifications (credits earn as an Author or a Reviewer) and 20% Community service (credits earned as a member of a conference Committee, or Editor roles in journals). After this tally, we proudly announce new annual classes of Fellows, Distinguished Members, and Senior Members (see their distribution in the EAI Community on the right).

So get to it, the race for 2021 EAI Index credits has started!