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Hyperloop One is in pursuit of a groundbreaking network

Amidst all of his Elon Musk’s outlandish claims and visions, the Hyperloop project keeps on trucking. However, like his proposals in the autonomous vehicle and space travel industries, Musk continues to face questions of feasibility.

The idea of passenger safety has always been in the forefront of concerns (along with finding capital) for the Hyperloop train developers. Origins for this worry should be quite clear seeing that the train proposes to reach speeds quicker than jet planes – at over 745 miles per hour.
As a way to test the feasibility of such a futuristic technology, Hyperloop One, who have become synonymous with the groundbreaking proposal, have confirmed collaboration with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority:
“We’re going to create a seamless experience that starts the moment you think about being somewhere – not going somewhere,” notes Josh Giegel, president of engineering at Hyperloop One.
At such high speeds, it is essential for the Hyperloop transport system to persuade the customers their journey is not only one of the world’s fastest, but that they can save the fears for their lives. For a jet-speed train is useless if no one can say for sure that they will depart in the same fashion they arrived in.

New plans are set — as the organization just recently partnered with their initial Transport bodies of authority — with intention to run both above the ground and underwater.

Source: Hyperloop UAE

“Hyperloop One intends to connect the two emirates, which are 150 kilometers (93 miles) apart,” Techtimes reports. “Per the plan, the company is looking to connect the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, Dubai Marina, Abu Dhabi Airport, Al Maktoum Airport and the Abu Dhabi city center.”

The boss of the Hyperloop One project, Rob Lloyd, predicts that the Hyperloop One system could be built in the UAE within the next five years. Key word in the sentence is “could”. The idea still has a lot of safety concerns to settle and many a dollar sign to collect for this revolutionary idea to materialize.