Weekly recap

EAI brings you into the ICT world by keeping you informed about the latest technologies, developments and events within the field. Over the last week we presented you two of this year’s main events: SmartCity360, the first International Summit about technology and innovation applied to smart cities, which will take place simultaneously in Bratislava, Slovakia and Toronto, Canada, on 13-16 October; and the Second International Summit on Internet of Things (IOT360), which is to take place in Roma, Italy on October 27-29.

The importance of interoperability within IOT was the key topic of our interview with Dr. Nathalie Mitton, General Co-Chair of InterIoT 2015, the International Conference on Interoperability in IoT, co-located with the IOT360 Summit.

We also presented the Best Paper from the 10th edition of CROWNCOM 2015, entitled “Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Using Multiple Decision Statistics” and the third EAI Endorsed transaction on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems.

Finally, in the third insight into the section ‘Radio Spectrum’ Prof. Danda B. Rawat and Dr. Min Song discussed about wireless network virtualization.

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