Smart Life Summit in Bratislava 2023

The Smart Life Summit 2023 is coming up soon offering a unique insight into the digital revolution. It will take place in Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel in Bratislava on 24-26 October 2023 and host worldwide expertise in conferences, keynote discussions, and provide many opportunities to exchange know-how. With deadlines for conferences approaching, researchers are invited to send their papers by the 30th of August.

The summit builds on a tradition of its own in connecting the best minds and most influential stakeholders to create a multidisciplinary setting where ideas on innovation and improvement come together. Its re-emergence from online mode, after three years, is accompanied by the enrichment of its scope to include not only smart cities, but also the use of AI and technology in healthcare, cyber security, and mobility. All of these aspects express the EAI values of innovating research through openness and equal recognition of all.


The entrance for researchers is through one of the technology tracks (referred to as conferences) of the summit, each with a well-grounded tradition of its own. In total, the tracks will create 50 unique sessions encompassing a range of topics going all the way from AI in healthcare to cloud computing. Successfully evaluated papers open the door to an important journey which involves high-quality publication in LNCIST indexed series and SCOPUS, EI Compendex, and Web of Science databases. The very best ones will be highly honoured with a fellowship that will open the doors to many future research opportunities. 

As of now, papers will be presented by academics from four continents. We believe that further participation will only upgrade and diversify the experience. The summit is unique in that it offers participants the chance to attend more than one conference as five will take place simultaneously in two blocks in the same venue literally right next to each other. Should the researchers have the necessary knowledge and material suitable for more than one topic, they are more than welcome to submit their papers to different technology tracks.

Highlights of the Summit

In addition to conferences, participants can expect intriguing keynote speeches and panel discussions. EAI is honoured to host the former commissioner of the U.S. House Committee on Commerce Harold Furchtgott-Roth who will share his expertise on economy and communications. Likewise, Peter Van Gorp from the Eindhoven University of Technology will share his findings and research on digital health platforms. The topic on cyber security will be covered by Sanjay Goel from the University of Albany – State University of New York School of Business Information Security and Digital Forensics. In addition, the American computer scientist Ian Goodfellow, who stands behind the development of generative adversarial networks (GAN) in the world’s largest innovative institutions including Google, Apple, Open AI, and DeepMind, will attend. There will also be notable Slovak representation embodied by the expert on economic transition Ivan Mikloš or Zuzana Mikulášová from the expert platform Brand Slovakia 30.

Bright Young Minds

This year is special as it introduces talented young academics to the summit who can qualify via the essay competition ‘Bright Young Minds’. The winners will be offered the chance to attend some of the most high-level EAI tracks with full costs reimbursed. In addition, they will have the opportunity to grow professionally under the mentorship of professor Imrich Chlamtac, a Slovak-born academic and president of EAI, as well other fellows and members of the honorary board.

Community Values of EAI

EAI is back in Bratislava after eight years offering new opportunities for a gathering of worldwide expertise. Among the key added values of the summit are the familiarisation of current topics and trends at home and abroad, networking or the creation of new project consortiums, thinks the general chair of the summit professor Dagmar Cagáňová. This entails mutual sharing of know-how between local and foreign researchers, leaders from the industry, as well as the wider community by means of presentations, workshops, and round tables. I consider it important that researchers view themselves in the context of current affairs of the academic fields, added Cagáňová. Further added values are socialisation and the opportunity to grow professionally through publications in high-quality impact journals, the professor concluded.

Professor Predrag K. Nikolic PhD, MBA, who will be one of the keynote speakers, considers the network he developed throughout the years and the opportunities to present recent development in his research as the most visible added value of the EAI summits. He is looking forward to interacting with other scholars and universities toward future academic collaboration this year.