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FI-ADOPT: Documenta wins Phase 1 of IMAILE project

The consortium composed of Edebé, Documenta, and Gradiant wins phase 1 of the IMAILE project with the innovative AMIGO platform.

IMAILE, Innovative Methods for Awards Procedures of ICT Learning in Europe, is an innovative project funded with support from the European Commission in the context of The Seventh Framework Programme.

The city of Halmstad (Sweden) is coordinating the FP7 project IMAILE where public procurers of ICT in Education from 4 countries are using the PCP instrument (pre-commercial procurement) to stimulate user driven innovation in cooperation with European ICT industry, research and SMEs.  The overall objective of IMAILE is to  to identify new technologies and services which address the challenge of providing the next generation of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) in primary and secondary education within the subjects of Science, Math and Technology (STEM).

The IMAILE project foresees a selection process in three phases, at the end of which 4 prototypes will be obtained, and two of them will be used in a large scale pilot stage with teachers and students from the countries involved.

The AMIGO platform, (SMART STEM Learning Ecosystem), submitted by the consortium composed of Edebé (a leading educational publisher), Documenta (Innovative SME from Barcelona who develop educational software and multimedia production) and Gradiant (a reference ICT Technology Centre in Galicia), has been selected as one of the 7 winning proposals in Phase 1, while obtaining the best score from all the selected proposals.

A team composed of professionals from the three companies is now working to design a full proposal to be submitted on 22nd April. The IMAILE consortium expects to announce the results of the second selection in May 2016, when we will know if the AMIGO will become a full technological prototype.

AMIGO aims at developing an immersive environment that provides primary and lower secondary schools with a student centered learning approach. AMIGO integrates the six modules STEM enriched dynamic profile, STEM personal learning environment, Authoring tool, STEM social network, Learning chart and analytics, and Life-Long Learning ePortfolio from a visual and functional point of view. Accordingly, AMIGO aims at delivering a holistic ecosystem providing the next generation personal learning environment for STEM subjects including multiple different functionalities aiming at increasing the motivation of students to learn STEM and increasing the study results by adapting the learning to the students’ needs.

DOCUMENTA contribution is key in this proposal. The enterprise will integrate into AMIGO the 2 innovative products, the eportfolio and the authoring tool, developed in the framework of the BRAIM project, funded under FI-ADOPT program.

Learn more about IMAILE (FP7).

Learn more about Documenta.

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miLeyenda – FI-ADOPT success story

We have talked with Antonio Romero, the founder of miLeyenda, one of the 35 companies selected and funded by the FI-ADOPT project. Read on to learn about the journey of miLeyenda from a startup to a funded, full-fledged and competitive company.

For those who have not heard of you or your company – could you briefly introduce miLeyenda and the vision behind your product?

miLeyenda is an automated platform for tournament management. We have disrupted an obsolete sector by providing high quality and easy-to-use web and mobile apps to tournaments. The vision of miLeyenda is to help the world enjoy their hobbies by participating in tournaments.

Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero, founder of miLeyenda

We work with every type and size of tournament and as you know there are plenty of stakeholders in a league or championships. Managers, players, referees, friends, family, media. miLeyenda has developed three different mobile apps with customized user experience for managers, players and referees. Every app is synchronised in real time. As soon as a referee saves a result, the player can check it in their mobile app. As soon as it is raining and the event has been postponed every player and parent receives a push notification with the new schedule. We even automatically create rich stats for players, offer victory odds and have created an algorithm that calculate the skill level of each participant regardless of the tournament category.

Federations, Universities, Schools, Companies, Local Leagues, Group of Friends are already enjoying miLeyenda.

What was your journey from 2012, when you founded the company, to where you are today in 2016?

Founded in 2012, miLeyenda has achieved every milestone we can expect from a successful company, having won different prizes and awards during these last years. Its three founders created the company in the summer of 2012 and moved to Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Murcia (European Centre of Enterprises and Innovation of Murcia), where they are still settled today.

During 2013 miLeyenda worked on the development of the mobile app for players and started working on their web platform that was finished during the first semester of 2014.

In May 2014, miLeyenda won the regional phase of the probably most important multi-sectorial entrepreneurial award in Spain. Premio Emprendedor XXI de la Caixa and finished 4th in the national final and 1st among mobile focused projects.

In December 2014 not only was miLeyenda selected by the FIWARE accelerator FI-Adopt and also by Google for its program Google Launchpad. Furthermore in April and May 2015 miLeyenda were in San Francisco after being selected by the Immersion Programme of the Spain Tech Center in Silicon Valley.

Time runs fast and few things are built in months. For us it is an incredible journey, adapting to the market and evolving our original idea until reaching product market fit.

Looking ahead, where do you see miLeyenda in the future? Is there a final version of your service that you have in mind, or do you see it as a process of constant improvement?

In a year, when you think about organising or participating in a tournament, miLeyenda will be the first option that will come to your mind. Nowadays, any digital product is constantly in an improvement process. Even if you don’t add new major features you will work on improving the activation and retention of users and the monetisation strategy. miLeyenda is currently pretty close to what we envisioned when we started the company but there is always room for improvement and for expanding to new markets. Imagine what we can reach once every tournament in the world is organised with miLeyenda.

Where can we find you? Anywhere to see or meet you in the near future?

miLeyenda will have a booth in 4YFN and CeBIT and will also pitch in MWC.

4YFN, Barcelona, 22-23 February

MWC, Barcelona, 24-25 February

CeBIT, Hannover, 14-15 March

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BRAIM Project: FI-ADOPT Success Story

In November, the Government of Andorra started a pilot in their schools with the e-portfolio that MyDocumenta has launched as a first version of the software developed through the FIWARE based BRAIM project.
The BRAIM project, as part of FI-Adopt  accelerator has received attention by two of the leading Spanish newspapers:

  • Saturday 03/10 in the newspaper Expansion , the most important finance/economy newspaper in Spain
  • Sunday 04/10 in the newspaper El Mundo (the second most read newspaper of Spain)

The BRAIM project is the first integral solution for the education and e-learning sector allowing the acquisition, evaluation and certification of the digital skills of teachers, students and schools, according to the European standards of quality defined by European e-Competence Framework  and in the official curriculums of EU members countries.
BRAIM will help students, teachers and schools to overcome key barriers and to become digital professionals, reducing the existing gap between the technology and the technological expertise of the teacher, and stimulating creativity and proactive learning attitudes of the students.
Read more about the BRAIM project here.

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Two FI-ADOPT companies selected for the European Venture Summit 2015!

Two FiAdopt startups, NOVIQR and MigraineNet, have been selected to pitch at the European Venture Summit, Europe’s foremost networking and investment event that will present 100+ innovative ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech companies from across Europe to an international audience of investors, key corporates and innovation experts.

In the FI-Adopt consortium, a project accelerator that provides financial, technological and business support, EAI plays an important role in providing business mentoring with the eai360 acceleration program, offering participants services of mentors and experts from its community as well as virtual learning and a networking platform.

Read more about Noviqr and MigraineNet.

Learn more on the Ninth edition of the European Venture Summit taking place on December 7-8, 2015 in Düsseldorf.

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Success Stories by FI-ADOPT funded projects

The IoT 360° Summit gave the opportunity to 4 FI-ADOPT funded projects to display their innovative ideas and share their experience, showing how to turn research into a product ready for mass market.

  1. SPEAKY, a social network to learn languages by connecting and practicing with native speakers that match your interests and needs, using a matchmaking algorithm. You can use live chat and video chat services, together with language learning oriented tools. Read more.
  2. Pervasive Ageing IoT Care, an innovative platform that uses smart, networked sensors and monitors to transform elders’ homes into smart assisted living environments. Exploiting already existing hardware products the platform allows elders to achieve a more independent life and the access to remote monitoring to doctors and caretakers. Read more.
  3. FOREST112, a citizen science innovative project for fighting forest pests and diseases in Europe, helping specialists in the field come up with new actions. The aim of the project is to establish a scientific volunteer citizen network, using targeted training contents, that will partner with professional scientists to achieve common goals. Read more.
  4. Teach by app: The ultimate platform designed for teachers to easily create and share highly interactive and attractive eLearning contents that can be translated real time to help foreign children keep up with their schoolmates. Read more.

Fi-Adopt is a project accelerator, which aims to promote the use and adoption of the EU FP7 Future Internet-Public Private Partnership platform through the FIWARE technologies and assets.

The project provides financial, technological and business/market uptake support to European SMEs and web entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative applications based on the FIWARE Platform in the areas of corporate and citizen’s learning/training, healthy behaviour and wellbeing shaping, and social cultural integration.

In the FI-Adopt consortium, EAI plays an important role in providing business mentoring and support with the eai360 acceleration program that includes 4 weeks online idea incubation, 12 weeks online acceleration programs, virtual learning and networking platform, offering participants services of mentors and experts from its community.

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Acceleration programs for 35 FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects

EAI360 online platform hosts 35 FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects, providing them with an online workspace for their projects as well as access to set of business support services. The platform is designed so that each hosted project has a public project showcase profile page and each user has a public profile page. Each project has a private workspace page where FI-ADOPT participants can add besides initial set of free services also other free and paid services provided by EAI360 and its partners. EAI360 will also serve as the platform for administration of 14 weeks (of) Acceleration programs which we are committed to provide for FI-ADOPT selected and funded projects this year from September to December.

EAI has already successfully hosted a 4 weeks Idea Incubation training, which started 20 May 2015 with the attendance of ten projects from the first and second calls.  This program was focused on projects at an early stage that still needed to better shape their idea and make sure that the time and money invested in this idea would be used efficiently. From business side, it also aimed to help participating projects to design business model for their idea and assess its potential by validating initial assumptions about their market, especially customers with their needs.

This program was also significantly supported by ATOS, which took care of technical training and mentoring related to the adoption of FI-WARE technologies. Lighting Beetle, user experience design company from Slovakia, supplemented technical part of the program with a webinar on how to start building the right user experience which got very positive feedback from ventures involved in the program.

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FI-WARE will make cities smarter!

FIWARE, launched by the European Commission in 2014, is an Accelerator Programme that helps businesses and entrepreneurs develop projects based on its technologies. As we have mentioned before, some of these accelerators, including FI-ADOPT, one of the projects EAI is involved in, are currently present at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.

The event has witnesses the announcement that FI-WARE will play a crucial role for the future of Smart Cities and Digital Economy.

In a world where few solutions support the digital transformation of cities, FIWARE provides mechanisms accessible to everyone. 31 municipalities from Europe and beyond have committed to launch the ‘Open & Agile Smart Cities’ initiative, the goal of which is to accelerate the adoption of common standards and principles that will transform cities into engines of growth and innovation.

The aim is to encourage cities to use FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. The initiative strives to make them adopt a first open-licensed standard API implemented in FIWARE that provides a simple means to gather, publish, query and subscribe to context information describing what is happening in the city at any given time.  The cities will also collaborate in the definition of common standard open-data models based on the results of experimentation and actual usage.

We are thrilled to have been there when this announcement was made, and hope to see you at CeBIT, too, before it is over!

FI-Adopt Project News

EAI and FI-ADOPT at CeBIT 2015

Only two weeks left till CeBIT 2015an exhibition and conference for IT & Digital Business! CeBIT 2015 will take place in Hannover Exhibition Grounds on 16 – 20 March. EAI will be there to present one of the projects it is involved in – FI-ADOPT, a project accelerator that aims to promote the use and adoption of the EU FP7 Future Internet-Public Private Partnership platform through the FI-WARE technologies and assets – and, whether it be at one of FI-WARE’s exhibition stands in Hall 7 and Hall 11, or at one of our presentations, which will cover a FI-WARE Lab Case Study, the development of Smart Cities and the Digital Economy at large, and Open data and open APIs, we hope to see you there, too!

What to expect?

The key topics of CeBIT 2015 include big data and cloud, digital transformation, internet of things, mobile, security, and social business. Boasting an IT show and a conference programme for professionals, CeBIT defines the latest IT trends, presents talks by high-calibre speakers and forward-looking panel discussions, and showcases product innovations from all over the world.

An opportunity to shine

CeBIT helps exhibitors reach key business partners and tap into new markets. It’s an opportunity to share your vision and impress an international audience with your products and services.  Decision-makers from multinational companies, SMEs and public administration are looking for your IT solutions in order to boost their competitiveness.

High-profile speakers

The CeBIT Global Conferences provide a comprehensive overview of the digital world and give visibility to sweeping trends and innovations. High-profile international speakers from business and government will discuss the big issues and challenges of the digital world in a range of presentation formats spread across three stages. The Conferences will feature keynote addresses, workshops, expert discussion panels and a networking area. The speakers include Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker; Dr. Vishal Syka, the CEO of Infosys; Jeremy Rifkin, a government advisor, visionary and a bestselling author; and Glenn Greenwald, the gatekeeper of Edward Snowden’s NSA information.

We are experiencing a digital transformation in which IT is serving as a major driver of innovation. If you want to be part of it, CeBIT is an event you should not miss!

FI-Adopt Project

FI-WARE: Future Internet Grants for web-entrepreneurs & small businesses!

when: 6 March 2015, 12:00 – 14:00

where: Technoport Belval, 9 Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

The Future Internet platform FI-WARE is an open architecture for developers, service providers, and companies to develop innovative products. FI-WARE Generic Enablers (GE) are public and royalty-free. Supported by the European Union, this platform allows companies and web-entrepreneurs to create and deliver digital services at a low cost.

FI-WARE provides

  • €80 million funding, implemented by 16 accelerators, each with a different focus (healthcare, smart cities, finance, smart energy, smart agrifood, multimedia, transport, and manufacturing)
  • Building blocks for the creation of internet-based products and services
  • Business support, mentoring, and networking
  • FI-LAB, an experimentation platform

As demonstrated by the experience and collaboration of Luxembourg-based startups and companies that have sprung up since the first info session in September last year, FI-WARE provides amazing opportunities for them to kick-start or upscale their internet business. The FI-WARE solution itself, as well as its lean and decentralised funding system, lower entrance barriers and allow for the submission of proposals from a vast variety of domains.

Luxinnovation and Technoport have teamed up again, to present FI-WARE and opportunities to finance the development of innovative services and applications at another info session.

The event is aimed at small businesses, startups and web entrepreneurs who develop apps or services, and want to connect with the community. It will consist of several presentations and will feature three special guests – Dr Raimund Bröchler (Senior Delivery Manager, INTRASOFT International SA), Vincent Demortier (Manager, 4PLanet SA), and Evangelos Papadopoulos (Founder & CEO, TheMarketsTrust).

For more information, visit

If you are planning to attend, don’t forget to register before noon on Thursday, 5 March.