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EAI works on the belief that community and open access are powerful enablers of innovation and progress. This is why access to our resources is open to all members at the point of publishing, all via the European Union Digital Library (EUDL).

What is the EUDL?

The EUDL is the central repository for all content published by EAI reaching more than 1.2 million people every month. The EUDL platform also publishes open access journals and conference proceedings across several areas of computer science, engineering, biochemistry, energy, medicine, social sciences, humanities and more.

Unlike other communities and publishers, research is available instantly and can reach the wider community immediately. The benefit of which is that you reach more people with your research than has been traditionally possible.

Inside the EUDL

As well as publishing its own research, the EUDL indexes content published by different publishing partners (Springer, ACM, IEEE) in collaboration with EAI. This means that in total EAI’s publication platform contains more than 7000 peer-reviewed manuscripts, which are distributed in more than 20 journals and four book series, two of them in collaboration with Springer.

The library includes resources such as those that make up the EAI Community Research Series (CORE) – EAI’s ICT-focused books and proceedings series. It also includes research from the EAI Computing and Communication in Emerging Regions (CCER) – EAI’s multidisciplinary proceedings series and it includes EAI Endorsed Transactions, a list of peer-reviewed, open access research journals.

Going further, the EUDL includes abstracts of EAI/Springer Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (LNICST) and a complete index of proceedings from conferences held by EAI and ICST.

The impact

The impact of EAI’s core belief in collaboration and open access to research has maximised visibility and impact when it comes to new research. Our research model, coupled with our free membership and range of tools and conferences levels the playing field by inviting academics from all over the world to share their knowledge. 

The EUDL guarantees wider visibility and also allows academics to explore and engage directly with authors of related research papers from within the library. 

Join EAI and publish via the EUDL here: EUDL – European Union Digital Library.

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  1. EAI, is a global Innovating Research Plateform of reputed class researchers from the world.

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