Weekly recap

Every week EAI keeps discussing with you main topics of interest for our Community of researchers and innovators. In the Insight ‘Computational Attention’ section we published the second part of the fascinating article written by Dr. Matei Mancas, a research with the focus on what attention is, from the arrival of cognitive neuroscience to the approach of computer science.

We interviewed the General Chair of the upcoming QSHINE 2015, prof. Der-Jiunn Deng, to find out what will the main focus of the Conference be and what are the novel challenges in the field of heterogeneous networking.

In anticipation of this year’s edition, we presented two of the most interesting researches of last year’s conferences The Best Paper at eLEOT 2014, introduced us to CIRCLE (Classification, Identification, and Retrieval-based Collaborative Learning Environment): a multi-user tool that aims at being a useful support for the identification and classification of real world objects. A study presented at MobiHealth 2014 aimed to promote a solution for remote medical monitoring of vital signs of victims trapped in collapsed buildings.

Finally, we look forward for the upcoming MOBIQUITOUS 2015, that will take place in Coimbra, Portugal on July 22–24, 2015 and that will foster research collaboration through focused discussions, interaction and exchange of experiences that will designate future research in the field of ubiquitous computing.

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