Weekly recap

As Innovation is an evolutionary process, EAI keeps promoting researchers and innovators week after week and brings you the latest developments achieved in the ICT field.

This week we proposed you an interview with Prof. Radim Lenort. General Chair of SustainableMoG 2015, a co-located conference with the Smart City 360 Summit. We talked with him about the main challenges within mobility and sustainability, and how the conference will reflect and help solve them.

In anticipation of this year’s edition, we presented an interesting research from TridentCom 2014 that introduces the different types of virtualized reconfigurable resources in the testbed of the Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI) network.

Under the section ‘Radio Spectrum’ we presented Prof. Danda B. Rawat’s new contribution about Public Safety Communication (PSC), extremely vital networks during emergency situations, above all. Another not to be missed contribution we proposed you this week is the launch of the second issue of the EAI Transaction on Cognitive Communications.

Finally, we look forward for two upcoming events. ChinaCom 2015 will take place in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China on August 15–17, 2015 and will bring together Chinese and international researchers and practitioners in networking and communications under one roof, building a showcase of these fields in China. WiSATS 2015, The 7th International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems (formerly PSATS) will take place in Bradford, Great Britain on July 6–7, 2015 and will explore techniques such as the synergy between satellite and terrestrial wireless networks.

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