Weekly recap

Technology news are full of incremental developments and what we are pleased to do is to bring them to you. This week prof. Sá Silva, General Co-Chair at MobiQuitous 2015, talked with us about how this conference will foster research collaboration and how Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are changing our lives.

Intetain 2015 has successfully come to the end on the 12th of June, dont’ miss the opportunity to read the interesting Best Paper Award of the conference: “Wearable Vision for Retrieving Architectural Details in Augmented Tourist Experiences”, in which a team of researchers from Italy propose a new way to interact with cultural heritage sites. You can find also another Best Paper, this time from INISCom 2015, which, this year, awarded two researches: we proposed you the first one, a study on the problem of distributed subchannel selection of non-cooperative OFDMA femtocells in two-tiered macro-femto networks.

For a conference that ends many other are waiting for the start: this week we have been pleased to launch SIMUTools 2015, the 8th International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, which will take place in Athens, Greece on August 24–26, 2015. The conference will focus on a broad range of research challenges in the field of simulation, modelling and analysis, addressing current and future trends in simulation techniques, models, practices and software.

Finally, make sure not to miss the third issue of the EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies!

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