miLeyenda – FI-ADOPT success story

We have talked with Antonio Romero, the founder of miLeyenda, one of the 35 companies selected and funded by the FI-ADOPT project. Read on to learn about the journey of miLeyenda from a startup to a funded, full-fledged and competitive company.

For those who have not heard of you or your company – could you briefly introduce miLeyenda and the vision behind your product?

miLeyenda is an automated platform for tournament management. We have disrupted an obsolete sector by providing high quality and easy-to-use web and mobile apps to tournaments. The vision of miLeyenda is to help the world enjoy their hobbies by participating in tournaments.

Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero, founder of miLeyenda

We work with every type and size of tournament and as you know there are plenty of stakeholders in a league or championships. Managers, players, referees, friends, family, media. miLeyenda has developed three different mobile apps with customized user experience for managers, players and referees. Every app is synchronised in real time. As soon as a referee saves a result, the player can check it in their mobile app. As soon as it is raining and the event has been postponed every player and parent receives a push notification with the new schedule. We even automatically create rich stats for players, offer victory odds and have created an algorithm that calculate the skill level of each participant regardless of the tournament category.

Federations, Universities, Schools, Companies, Local Leagues, Group of Friends are already enjoying miLeyenda.

What was your journey from 2012, when you founded the company, to where you are today in 2016?

Founded in 2012, miLeyenda has achieved every milestone we can expect from a successful company, having won different prizes and awards during these last years. Its three founders created the company in the summer of 2012 and moved to Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Murcia (European Centre of Enterprises and Innovation of Murcia), where they are still settled today.

During 2013 miLeyenda worked on the development of the mobile app for players and started working on their web platform that was finished during the first semester of 2014.

In May 2014, miLeyenda won the regional phase of the probably most important multi-sectorial entrepreneurial award in Spain. Premio Emprendedor XXI de la Caixa and finished 4th in the national final and 1st among mobile focused projects.

In December 2014 not only was miLeyenda selected by the FIWARE accelerator FI-Adopt and also by Google for its program Google Launchpad. Furthermore in April and May 2015 miLeyenda were in San Francisco after being selected by the Immersion Programme of the Spain Tech Center in Silicon Valley.

Time runs fast and few things are built in months. For us it is an incredible journey, adapting to the market and evolving our original idea until reaching product market fit.

Looking ahead, where do you see miLeyenda in the future? Is there a final version of your service that you have in mind, or do you see it as a process of constant improvement?

In a year, when you think about organising or participating in a tournament, miLeyenda will be the first option that will come to your mind. Nowadays, any digital product is constantly in an improvement process. Even if you don’t add new major features you will work on improving the activation and retention of users and the monetisation strategy. miLeyenda is currently pretty close to what we envisioned when we started the company but there is always room for improvement and for expanding to new markets. Imagine what we can reach once every tournament in the world is organised with miLeyenda.

Where can we find you? Anywhere to see or meet you in the near future?

miLeyenda will have a booth in 4YFN and CeBIT and will also pitch in MWC.

4YFN, Barcelona, 22-23 February

MWC, Barcelona, 24-25 February

CeBIT, Hannover, 14-15 March