Industrial Internet of Things Technologies in China

The EAI International Conference on Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications (IndustrialIoT 2016) is going to take place in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China on 25-26 March, 2016.

Participants in the conference will contribute in stimulating interaction and convergence among researchers active in the areas of control, communications, industrial robot, industrial cloud, smart sensors and actuators, informatics, mobile computing, and security.

IndustrialIoT 2016 will host 3 keynote speeches given by: prof. Min Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology – HUST, China), with the title “Healthcare Big Data Clouds with Wearable Computing, IoT Sensing and Cloud Analytics”; another given by Prof. Lei Shu (Dalian University of Technology, China), entitled “The Applications of IoT and Crowdsourcing Technology in Large-scale Petrochemical Plants” and a third given by Prof. Yan Zhang (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway), entitled “Internet of Energy Systems: Challenges and Solutions”.

Best Papers awarded at the conference will be invited to publish in the EAI Transactions Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems.

If you want to know more about the researches that will be presented at IndustrialIoT 2016, see the Final Program in Full section.

We look forward to seeing you at IndustrialIoT 2016!