How to e-publish in conference proceedings?

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages of open access publishing. According to Springer Nature, open access publications show higher download rates, but also a greater diversity of the audience.

On average open access books in the study received 10 times more downloads and 2.4 times more citations than non-open access books.

Springer Nature

So how do you achieve desired results with your research on the conference? There are a couple of take-aways from the researchers who published in popular proceedings that you could learn from:

  1. Find the right academic conference to present. Browse the previous editions to see whether they fit your scope of research. Once you find your conference, open the authors kit for the guidelines and use the conference web service to upload your manuscript.

  2. Learn what resonates with the attendees. Explore the conference’s best papers and their best practices to include them in yours in the future.

  3. Ask the audience to upvote your presentation with EAI Compass and make your paper highlight in EAI Blog & Newsletter with the reach beyond 150+ thousand subscribers.

  4. Find collaboration opportunities to improve your work. Benefit from the networking services and team up with mentors, co-authors, or editorial board on-site or online with EAI Compass.

  5. Get even more reviews and visibility by sharing your paper with the research community. You can easily do it with the services like Community Review.

If you decide to present your research and publish your paper with EAI, you can explore the right conference open for submissions with Confy. With EAI free services you could reach even more readers around the world and learn what captivates them at the same time.