Dr. Harish Vishwanathan: EAI Distinguished lecture on Communications in the 6G Era

What 6G is going to be, what are the new use cases that 6G will enable, and what are the essential technologies for a 6G that make it substantially better than 5G – all these topics were covered in the Distinguished lecture by Dr. Harish Vishwanathan.

The cellular industry introduces a new generation approximately every 10 years. It’s time for 6G to be deployed in nearly 2030. As 5G is currently being utilized, 6G research has started at Nokia Bell Labs, as well as in several industrial and academic research labs.  Learn more in the video bellow.

Dr. Viswanathan says that the future of connectivity is in the creation of digital twin worlds that are a true representation of the physical and human worlds at every spatial and time instant, unifying our experience across these physical, human and digital worlds.

He outlined new themes which are likely to emerge that will shape 6G system requirements and technologies, such as (i) new man-machine interfaces created by a collection of multiple local devices acting in unison; (ii) ubiquitous universal computing distributed among multiple local devices and the cloud; (iii) multi-sensory data fusion to create multi-verse maps and new mixed-reality experiences; and (iv) precision sensing and actuation to control the physical world. Then the talk focuses on new connectivity technologies for 6G such as native AI/ML air interface, joint communication and sensing, sub-Thz system design, and new architectures.

Dr. Harish Viswanathan is Head of Radio Systems Research Group in Nokia Bell Labs. Since joining Bell Labs in October 1997, he has worked extensively on wireless research ranging from physical layer to network architecture and protocols including multiple antenna technology for cellular wireless networks, multi-hop relays, network optimization, network architecture, and IoT communications.

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