Weekly recap

Always keeping you informed about the latest developments in ICT innovation, we have published a wealth of interesting new content from the world of EAI’s Community of innovators this week. Moreover, as you might have noticed, we now have not one, but two new sections.

Highlighting the knowledge and experience of the core of what EAI Community is all about – its members – we have decided to give more space to original content written by those best qualified to produce it. See for yourselves – visit our new ‘Insights’ section to read what Professor Carlos Vaz de Carvalho, an expert on the subject, has to say about Serious Games. His informative insights might help you understand why the latter is not an oxymoron.

One of the ways in which EAI fosters collaboration between researchers and practitioners is through involvement in European projects that help innovators turn their ideas into reality, and monetize them. Hence the new section called ‘EU Projects’, in which you shall find information about INNOVER-EAST and FI-ADOPT, two projects that support innovation, help stakeholders build their capacity, and network. Do not overlook our post about FI-WARE Future Internet Grants, and the upcoming info-session about them.

If scalable information systems are something you are interested or curious about, make sure to have a look at the fourth issue of EAI Endorsed Transactions on the topic. These high quality research papers are available through European Union Digital Library. So is the full version of the research paper on a new platform that would help developers personalize applications more easily.

Last but not least, we have interviewed two prominent members of our community. The interview with Professor Tiziana Catarci, an IOT360 speaker, provides an interesting discussion about youth, research and education, while Professor Andrea Sanna, General Chair of the upcoming INTETAIN 2015, shares his views on the future of HCI and entertainment.

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