FI-WARE will make cities smarter!

FIWARE, launched by the European Commission in 2014, is an Accelerator Programme that helps businesses and entrepreneurs develop projects based on its technologies. As we have mentioned before, some of these accelerators, including FI-ADOPT, one of the projects EAI is involved in, are currently present at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.

The event has witnesses the announcement that FI-WARE will play a crucial role for the future of Smart Cities and Digital Economy.

In a world where few solutions support the digital transformation of cities, FIWARE provides mechanisms accessible to everyone. 31 municipalities from Europe and beyond have committed to launch the ‘Open & Agile Smart Cities’ initiative, the goal of which is to accelerate the adoption of common standards and principles that will transform cities into engines of growth and innovation.

The aim is to encourage cities to use FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. The initiative strives to make them adopt a first open-licensed standard API implemented in FIWARE that provides a simple means to gather, publish, query and subscribe to context information describing what is happening in the city at any given time.  The cities will also collaborate in the definition of common standard open-data models based on the results of experimentation and actual usage.

We are thrilled to have been there when this announcement was made, and hope to see you at CeBIT, too, before it is over!