eHealth 360° Summit: the future of healthcare in Europe

The aging of the European population, as well as the desire to improve the quality of life of all European citizens, requires significant actions from governments, academia and industry if they wish to keep pace with the main efforts coming from various communities. In that regard, the healthcare sector represents a crossover of ideas, projects and new real practices involving a synergy of medicine, politics and technology. True evolution in the field would be impossible without considering the support of the latest Information and Communication Technologies, which are already changing the face of many medical applications today.

The question is: how do we facilitate the cooperation of the public and private institutions working on new innovative ICT solutions for healthcare?

For that, Budapest, Hungary, is the place to be on June 14-16, 2016 for the First International eHealth 360° Summit, held with the patronage of the European Commission.

Who will attend? Projects managers, leaders of companies and start-ups, investors, business angels and venture capitalists, policy leaders, researchers, students, technology experts focusing on eHealth and mHealth development.

Why should you attend? First of all, to become a part of an engine that aims to improve people’s living conditions. You will have the opportunity to hear about Success Stories and real-world examples, to discuss pressing issues and hot topics such as privacy and ethics, mHealth, big data and standardization. Finally, if you are thinking about creating a startup or transforming your business, you will get useful tips for your next steps. eHealth360° will widen your perspective  by gathering industrial, academic and institutional representatives under one roof.

A range of co-located conferences will enrich the program of eHealth360° with contributions from many key participants and speakers.

And finally, participation means becoming a part of the EAI Community, allowing you to meet speakers and colleagues, to submit your work and demos to get feedback from the rest of the community, to discuss various hot topics in round table discussions, and to explore the rising trends with Forecaster.

Register for eHealth 360° Summit, or visit the official website of the Summit for further details about the event, and stay tuned to EAI channels to get the news first.